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turn out


1 turn out

Be shown or be found to be.

synonyms: prove, turn up.

Roget 719: resist; not submit etc. 725; repugn, reluct, reluctate, withstand; stand up against, strive against, bear up under, bear up against, be proof against, ... show more

Roget 151: happen, occur; take place, take effect; come, become of; come off, comeabout, come round, come into existence, come forth, come to pass, come on; pass, ... show more

Roget 220: be exterior etc. adj.; lie around etc. 227.    place exteriorly, place outwardly, place outside; put out, turn out.   

Roget 144: be converted into; become, get, wax; come to, turn to, turn into, evolve into, develop into; turn out, lapse, shift; run into, fall into, ... show more

Dutch: blijken

2 turn out

Prove to be in the result or end.

3 turn out

Produce quickly or regularly, usually with machinery.

4 turn out

Result or end:
— How will the game turn out?.

synonym: come out.

5 turn out

Come, usually in answer to an invitation or summons.

6 turn out

Bring forth.

synonym: bear.

7 turn out

Put out or expel from a place.

synonyms: boot out, chuck out, eject, exclude, turf out.

8 turn out

Come and gather for a public event.

9 turn out

Outfit or equip, as with accessories.

10 turn out

Turn outward.

synonyms: rotate, splay, spread out.

11 turn out

Cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch:
— Turn out the lights.

synonyms: cut, switch off, turn off.

Roget 297: give exit, give vent to; let out, give out, pour out, squeeze out, send out; dispatch, despatch; exhale, excern, excrete; embogue; secrete, ... show more

Dutch: uitdoen, uitzetten

12 turn out

Get up and out of bed.

synonyms: arise, get up, rise, uprise.


Roget 882: ostentation, display, show, flourish, parade, etalage [Fr.], pomp, array, state, solemnity; dash, splash, splurge, glitter, ... show more

Roget 719: resistance, stand, front, oppugnation; oppugnancy; opposition etc. 708; renitence, renitency; reluctation, recalcitration; kicking etc. ... show more

Moby thesaurus: abjure, accouter, appoint, arise, arm, attain fulfillment, attend, be so, be such, bear, become of, boot, boot out, bounce, break, brush aside, bump, bust, can, caparison ... show more.

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