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1 smooth

The act of smoothing.


1 smooth

Make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing:
— Smooth the surface of the wood.

synonym: smoothen.

Roget 16: be uniform etc. adj.; accord with etc. 23; run through.    become uniform etc. adj.; conform to etc. 82.    render uniform, ... show more

Roget 705: be easy etc. adj.; go on smoothly, run smoothly; have full play etc. n.; go on all fours, run on all fours; obey the helm, work well.    flow with the stream, swim with the stream, ... show more

Roget 174: be moderate etc. adj.; keep within bounds, keep within compass; sober down, settle down; keep the peace, remit, relent, take in sail.    moderate, soften, mitigate, ... show more

Dutch: glad, gladden, gladmaken

2 smooth

Make (a surface) shine.

synonyms: polish, shine, smoothen.

Roget 255: smooth, smoothen; plane; file; mow, shave; level, roll; macadamize; polish, burnish, calender, glaze; iron, ... show more

Dutch: oppoetsen, poetsen, slijpen

3 smooth

Free from obstructions:
— Smooth the way towards peace negotiations.

synonym: smooth out.

Dutch: wegmasseren


1 smooth

Having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities.

Roget 933: flattering etc. v.; adulatory; mealy-mouthed, honey-mouthed; honeyed; smooth, smooth-tongued; soapy, oily, unctuous, blandiloquent, specious; ... show more

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Roget 213: horizontal, level, even, plane; flat etc. 251; flat as a billiard table, flat as a bowling green; alluvial; calm, calm as a mill pond; smooth, smooth as glass.    ... show more

Polish: gładki, głaźny

2 smooth

Smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication:
— The manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error.

synonyms: bland, politic, suave.

3 smooth

Of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth.

4 smooth

Smooth and unconstrained in movement:
— A long, smooth stride.

synonyms: fluent, fluid, liquid.

Polish: miękki, płynny

5 smooth

music Without breaks between notes; smooth and connected.

synonym: legato.

Polish: legato

6 smooth

Of motion that runs or flows or proceeds without jolts or turbulence.

7 smooth

Lacking obstructions or difficulties.

Polish: gładki

8 smooth

of a body of water Free from disturbance by heavy waves:
— A smooth channel crossing.

synonyms: placid, quiet, still, tranquil, unruffled.

Roget 174: moderate; lenient etc. 740; gentle, mild, mellow; cool, sober, temperate, reasonable, measured; tempered etc. ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Ciceronian, Demosthenian, Demosthenic, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, Mickey Mouse, Tullian, accordant, acomous, acute, adipose, adulatory, agreeable, aid, align, alike, all jaw, allay, ameliorate, appease ... show more.

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