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1 bother

An angry disturbance:
— A spot of bother.

synonyms: fuss, hassle, trouble.

Roget 682: activity; briskness, liveliness etc. adj.; animation, life, vivacity, spirit, dash, energy; snap, vim.    nimbleness, ... show more

Polish: urwanie głowy

2 bother

Something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness:
— A bit of a bother.

synonyms: annoyance, botheration, infliction, pain, pain in the ass, pain in the neck.

Roget 828: mental suffering, pain, dolor; suffering, sufferance; ache, smart etc. (physical pain) 378; passion.    displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, ... show more

Roget 830: painfulness etc. adj.; trouble, care etc. (pain) 828; trial; affliction, infliction; blow, stroke, burden, ... show more

Dutch: hinder, last, overlast


1 bother

Take the trouble to do something; concern oneself:
— Don't bother, please.

synonyms: inconvenience oneself, trouble, trouble oneself.

Dutch: moeite doen

2 bother

Cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations:
— Mosquitoes buzzing in my ear really bothers me.

synonyms: annoy, chafe, devil, get at, get to, gravel, irritate, nark, nettle, rag ... show more.

Roget 830: cause pain, occasion pain, give pain, bring pain, induce pain, produce pain, create pain, inflict pain etc. 828; pain, hurt, wound.    pinch, ... show more

Roget 704: be difficult etc. adj.; run one hard, go against the grain, try one's patience, put one out; put to one's shifts, put to one's wit's end; go hard with one, try one; pose, perplex etc. ... show more

Dutch: storen, ergeren, donderen, donderjagen, donderstenen, donderstralen, du(i)veljagen, duvelen, duveljagen, etteren ... show more

3 bother

To cause inconvenience or discomfort to.

synonyms: discommode, disoblige, incommode, inconvenience, put out, trouble.

Roget 475: be uncertain etc. adj.; wonder whether.    lose the clue, lose the clew, scent; miss one's way.    not know what to make of etc. (unintelligibility) 519, not know which way to turn, not know whether one stands on one s head or one's not know whether one stands on one s head or one's heels; ... show more

4 bother

Intrude or enter uninvited.

5 bother

Make nervous or agitated.

6 bother

Make confused or perplexed or puzzled.

Moby thesaurus: abash, abrade, abuse a privilege, addle, addle the wits, ado, afflict, aggravate, aggravation, agitate, agitation, ail, annoy, annoyance, anxiety, awkwardness, bad news, badger, baffle, bafflement ... show more.

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