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care [vigilance.]

Roget category 459

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.2. Precursory conditions and operations

#459. Care [Vigilance.]


care, solicitude, heedheedfulness etc. adj. — scruple etc. (conscientiousness) 939.
watchfulness etc. adj. — vigilance, surveillance, eyes of Argus, watch, vigil, look out, watch and ward, loeil du maitre [Fr.].
alertness etc. (activity) 682attention etc. 457prudence &c., circumspection etc. (caution) 864anxietyforethought etc. 510precaution etc. (preparation) 673tidiness etc. (order) 58, (cleanliness) 652accuracy etc. (exactness) 494minuteness, attention to detail.


be careful etc. adj. — recktake care etc. (be cautious) 864pay attention to etc. 457take care oflook to, look after, see to, see afterkeep an eye on, keep a sharp eye onchaperon, matronize, play gooseberrykeep watch, keep watch and wardmount guard, set watch, watchkeep in sight, keep in viewmind, mind one's business.
look sharp, look about onelook with one's own eyeskeep a good lookout, keep a sharp lookouthave all one's wits about one, have all one's eyes about onewatch for etc. (expect) 507keep one's eyes open, have the eyes open, sleep with one's eye open.


careful regardful, heedfultaking care etc. v. — particularprudent etc. (cautious) 864consideratethoughtful etc. (deliberative) 451provident etc. (prepared) 673alert etc. (active) 682sure-footed.
guarded, on one's guardon the qui vivre [Fr.], on the alert, on watch, on the lookoutawake, broad awake, vigilantwatchful, wakeful, wistfulArgus-eyedwide awake etc. (intelligent) 498on the watch for (expectant) 507.
tidy etc. (orderly) 58, (clean) 652accurate etc. (exact) 494scrupulous etc. (conscientious) 939cavendo tutus [Lat.] etc. (safe) 664.


carefully etc. adj. — with care, gingerly.


quis custodiet istos custodes [Lat.],? who will watch the watchers —? care will kill a cat" [Wither]; ni bebas agua que no veas [Sp.]O polished perturbation! Golden care! " [Henry IV]; the incessant care and labor of his mind" [Henry IV].

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