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unbelief. doubt

Roget category 485

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.5. Results of reasoning

#485. Unbelief. Doubt


unbelief, disbelief, misbeliefdiscredit, miscreanceinfidelity etc. (irreligion) 989 dissent etc. 489change of opinion etc. 484retraction etc. 607.
doubt etc. (uncertainty) 475skepticism, scepticism, misgiving, demuredistrust, mistrust, cynicismmisdoubt, suspicion, jealousy, scruple, qualmonus probandi [Lat.].
incredibility, incrediblenessincredulity.
[person who doubts] doubter, skeptic, cynic.
unbeliever etc. 487.


disbelieve, discreditnot believe etc. 484misbelieverefuse to admit etc. (dissent) 489refuse to believe etc. (incredulity) 487.
doubtbe doubtful etc. (uncertain) 475doubt the truth ofbe skeptical as to etc. adj. — diffidedistrust, mistrustsuspect, smoke, scent, smell a rathave doubts, harbor doubts, entertain doubts, suspicionshave one's doubts.
demure, stick at, pause, hesitate, scruplestop to consider, waver.
hang in suspense, hang in doubt.
throw doubt upon, raise a questionbring in, call in questionquestion, challenge, disputedeny etc. 536cavilcause a doubt, raise a doubt, start a doubt, suggest a doubt, awake a doubt, make suspicionergotize.
startle, staggershake one's faith, shake one's belief, stagger one's faith, stagger one's belief.


unbelievingskeptical, sceptical.
incredulous as to, skeptical as todistrustful as to, shy as to, suspicious ofdoubting etc. v.. doubtful etc. (uncertain) 475disputableunworthy of, undeserving of belief etc. 484questionablesuspect, suspiciousopen to suspicion, open to doubtstaggering, hard to believe, incredible, unbelievable, not to be believed, inconceivableimpossible etc. 471.
fallible etc. (uncertain) 475 undemonstrablecontrovertible etc. (untrue) 495.


cum grano salis [Lat.], with a grain of saltwith grains of allowance.


fronti nulla fides [Lat.]nimium ne crede colori [Lat.] [Vergil]; timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" [Vergil], I fear the Greeks even when bearing gifts, beware of Greeks bearing giftscredat Judaeus Apella [Lat.] [Horace]; let those believe who mayad tristem partem stenua est suspicio [Lat.] [Syrus].

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