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bitter pill


Roget 830: painfulness etc. adj.; trouble, care etc. (pain) 828; trial; affliction, infliction; blow, stroke, burden, ... show more

Roget 735: adversity, evil etc. 619; failure etc. 732; bad luck, ill luck, evil luck, adverse luck, hard fortune, hard hap, hard luck, ... show more

Roget 898: hate, hatred, vials of hate.    disaffection, disfavor; alienation, estrangement, coolness; enmity etc. 889; animosity etc. 900.    ... show more

Moby thesaurus: acerbity, acridity, acridness, affliction, astringence, astringency, bitter cup, bitter draft, bitter draught, bitterness, burden, burden of care, cankerworm of care, care, causticity, cross, crown of thorns, curse, distress, encumbrance ... show more.

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