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Roget category 907

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.2. Diffusive sympathetic affections

#907. Malevolence


malevolencebad intent, bad intentionunkindness, diskindnessill nature, ill will, ill bloodbad bloodenmity etc. 889hate etc. 898malignitymalice, malice prepensemaliciousness etc. adj. — spite, despiteresentment etc. 900.
uncharitableness etc. adj. — incompassionateness etc. 914.1gall, venom, rancor, rankling, virulence, mordacity, acerbity churlishness etc. (discourtesy) 895.
hardness of heart, heart of stone, obduracy crueltycruelness etc. adj. — brutality, savageryferity, ferocitybarbarity, inhumanity, immanity, truculence, ruffianismevil eye, cloven foottorture, vivisection.
ill turn, bad turnaffront etc. (disrespect) 929outrage, atrocityill usageintolerance, persecutiontender mercies [Iron.]unkindest cut of all" [Julius Caesar].


be malevolent etc. adj. — bear spleen, harbor spleen, bear a grudge, harbor a grudge, bear malicebetray the cloven foot, show the cloven foot.
hurt etc. (physical pain) 378annoy etc. 830injure.
, harm, wrongdo harm to, do an ill office tooutragedisoblige, malign, plant a thorn in the breast.
molest, worry, harass, haunt, harry, bait, teasethrow stones atplay the devil withhunt down, dragoon, houndpersecute, oppress, grindmaltreatilltreat, ill-use.
wreak one's malice on, do one's worst, break a butterfly on the wheeldip one's hands in blood, imbrue one's hands in bloodhave no mercy etc. 914.1.


malevolent, unbenevolentunbenignill-disposed, ill-intentioned, ill-natured, ill-conditioned, ill-contrivedevil-minded, evil-disposedblack-browed.
maliciousmalign, malignantrancorousdespiteful, spitefulmordacious, caustic, bitter, envenomed, acrimonious, virulentunamiable, uncharitablemaleficent, venomous, grinding, galling.
harsh, disobligingunkind, unfriendly, ungraciousinofficiousinvidiousuncandidchurlish etc. (discourteous) 895surly, sullen etc. 901.1. cold, cold-blooded, cold-heartedblack-hearted, hard-hearted, flint-hearted, marble-hearted, stony-heartedhard of heart, unnaturalruthless etc. (unmerciful) 914.1; relentless etc. (revengeful) 919.
cruelbrutal, brutishsavage, savage as a bear, savage as a tigerferine, ferociousinhumanbarbarous, barbaric, semibarbaric, fell, untamed, tameless, truculent, incendiarybloodthirsty etc. (murderous) 361atrociousbloodyminded.
fiendish, fiendlikedemoniacaldiabolic, diabolicaldevilish, infernal, hellish, SatanicTartaran.


malevolently etc. adj. — with bad intent etc. n..


cruel as deathhard unkindness' alter'd eye" [Gray]; homo homini lupus [Lat.] [Plautus]; mala mens [Lat.], malus animus [Lat.] [Terence]; rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind" [Hamlet]; sharp-tooth'd unkindness" [Lear].

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