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1 dilemma

State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options.

synonym: quandary.

Roget 475: uncertainty, incertitude, doubt; doubtfulness etc. adj.; dubiety, dubitation, dubitancy, dubitousness.    hesitation, suspense; perplexity, embarrassment, ... show more

Roget 704: difficulty; hardness etc. adj.; impracticability etc. (impossibility) 471; tough work, hard work, uphill work; hard task, Herculean task, ... show more

Roget 7: state, condition, category, estate, lot, ease, trim, mood, pickle, plight, temper; aspect etc. (appearance) ... show more

Roget 609: choice, option; discretion etc. (volition) 600; preoption; alternative; dilemma, embarras de choix [Fr.]; adoption, cooptation; novation; decision ... show more

Roget 476: reasoning ratiocination rationalism; dialectics, induction, generalization.    discussion, comment; ventilation; inquiry etc. 461.    argumentation, controversy, debate; ... show more

Dutch: besluiteloosheid, onzekerheid, tweestrijd, dilemma
Polish: szarpanina, rozterka, szamotanina

Moby thesaurus: Aristotelian sorites, Goclenian sorites, Gordian knot, Scylla and Charybdis, baffle, bafflement, bewilderment, bind, bother, box, catch-22, categorical syllogism, choice of Hercules, confoundment, confusion, corner, crux, deadlock, difficulty, discomposure ... show more.

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