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1 dismay

The feeling of despair in the face of obstacles.

synonyms: discouragement, disheartenment.

Polish: rezygnacja, zniechęcenie

2 dismay

Fear resulting from the awareness of danger.

synonyms: alarm, consternation.

Roget 860: fear, timidity, diffidence, want of confidence; apprehensiveness, fearfulness etc. adj.; solicitude, anxiety, care, apprehension, misgiving; feeze [U.S.]; ... show more

Dutch: alarmstemming, beroering, commotie, verbijstering, ontzetting, verwarring, opschudding, ontsteltenis, consternatie
Polish: alarm


1 dismay

Lower someone's spirits; make downhearted.

synonyms: cast down, deject, demoralise, demoralize, depress, dispirit, get down.

Dutch: demotiveren, deprimeren, neerslachtig maken, ontmoedigen

2 dismay

Fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly surprised.

synonyms: alarm, appal, appall, horrify.

Roget 860: fear, stand in awe of; be afraid etc. adj.; have qualms etc. n.; apprehend, sit upon thorns, eye askance; distrust etc. (disbelieve) ... show more

Dutch: aanstoot geven, angstig zijn

Moby thesaurus: abash, abject fear, affright, agitate, agitation, alarm, anxiety, appall, apprehension, astound, awe, bewilder, blue funk, bother, cold feet, confound, consternation, cow, cowardice, daunt ... show more.

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