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Roget category 604

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.1. Volition in general
›› 5.1.1. Acts of volition

#604. Resolution


determination, williron will, unconquerable willwill of one's own, decision, resolutionbackboneclear grit, true grit, grit [U.S.]sand, strength of mind, strength of willresolve etc. (intent) 620firmness etc. (stability) 150energy, manliness, vigorgame, pluckresoluteness etc. (courage) 861zeal etc. 682aplombdesperationdevotion, devotedness.
mastery over selfself control, self command, self possession, self reliance, self government, self restraint, self conquest, self denialmoral courage, moral strengthperseverance etc. 604.1; tenacityobstinacy etc. 606bulldogBritish lion.


have determination etc. n. — know one's own mindbe resolved etc. adj. — make up one's mind, will, resolve, determinedecide etc. (judgment) 480 form a determination, come to a determination, come to a resolution, come to a resolveconclude, fix, seal, determine once for all, bring to a crisis, drive matters to an extremitytake a decisive step etc. (choice) 609take upon oneself etc. (undertake) 676.
devote oneself to, give oneself up tothrow away the scabbard, kick down the ladder, nail one's colors to the mast, set one's back against the wall, set one's teeth, put one's foot down, take one's standstand firm etc. (stability) 150steel oneselfstand no nonsense, not listen to the voice of the charmer.
buckle tobuckle oneself put one's shoulder to the buckle oneself put one's shoulder to the wheel, lay one's shoulder to the wheel, set one's shoulder to the wheelput one's heart intorun the gauntlet, make a dash at, take the bull by the hornsrush in medias res, plunge in medias resgo in forinsist upon, make a point ofset one's heart upon, set one's mind upon.
stick at nothing, stop at nothingmake short work of etc. (activity) 682not stick at triflesgo all lengths, go the limit [Slang], go the whole hogpersist etc. (persevere) 604.1; go through fire and water, ride the tiger, ride in the whirlwind and direct the storm.


resolved etc. v. — determinedstrong-willed, strong-mindedresolute etc. (brave) 861self-possesseddecided, definitive, peremptory, tranchantunhesitating, unflinching, unshrinkingfirm, iron, gritty [U.S.], indomitable, game to the backboneinexorable, relentless, not to be shaken, not to be put downtenax propositi [Lat.]inflexible etc. (hard) 323obstinate etc. 606steady etc. (persevering) 604.1. earnest, seriousset upon, bent upon, intent upon.
steel against, proof againstin utrumque paratus [Lat.].


resolutely etc. adj. — in earnest, in good earnestseriously, joking apart, earnestly, heart and soulon one's mettlemanfully, like a man, with a high handwith a strong hand etc. (exertion) 686.
at any rate, at any risk, at any hazard, at any price, at any cost, at any sacrificeat all hazards, at all risks, at all eventsa' bis ou a blanc [Fr.]cost what it maycoute [Fr.] a tort et a traversonce for allneck or nothingrain or shine.


spes sibi quisque [Lat.]celui qui veut celui-la peut [Fr.]chi non s'arrischia non guadagna [Fr.]frangas non flectes [Lat.]manu forti [Lat.]tentanda via est [Lat.].

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