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1 grieve

Feel grief.

synonym: sorrow.

Roget 828: feel pain, suffer pain, experience pain, undergo pain, bear pain, endure pain etc. n., smart, ache etc. (physical pain) 378; suffer, ... show more

Roget 837: be dejected etc. adj.; grieve; mourn etc. (lament) 839; take on, give way, lose heart, despond, droop, sink.    ... show more

Roget 839: lament, mourn, deplore, grieve, weep over; bewail, bemoan; condole with etc. 915; fret etc. (suffer) 828; ... show more

Dutch: treuren

2 grieve

Cause to feel sorrow:
— His behavior grieves his mother.

synonym: aggrieve.

Roget 830: cause pain, occasion pain, give pain, bring pain, induce pain, produce pain, create pain, inflict pain etc. 828; pain, hurt, wound.    pinch, ... show more

Dutch: betreuren, bedroeven, smarten, verdrieten

Moby thesaurus: ache, affect, afflict, affront, aggrieve, agonize, anguish, barb the dart, bear, bemoan, bewail, bleed, break down, bring to tears, brood over, bruise, complain, constrain, crush, cry ... show more.

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