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1 chafe

Soreness and warmth caused by friction.

Dutch: ergernis, pijnlijke ruwe plek, schaafwonde, opgewarmd door wrijving

2 chafe

Anger produced by some annoying irritation.

synonyms: annoyance, vexation.

Dutch: tortuur, lijden, torment, marteling, foltering, kwelling
Polish: zdenerwowanie, niepokój


1 chafe

Become or make sore by or as if by rubbing.

synonyms: fret, gall.

Roget 832: be discontented etc. adj.; quarrel with one's bread and butter; repine; regret etc. 833; wish one at the bottom of the Red Sea; take on, take to heart; shrug the shoulders; make a wry face, pull a long face; ... show more

Roget 825: be impatient etc. adj.; not be able to bear etc. 826; bear ill, wince, chafe, champ a bit; be in a stew etc. n.; be out of all patience, ... show more

Roget 384: heat, warm, chafe, stive, foment; make hot etc. 382; sun oneself, sunbathe.    go up in flames, burn to the ground (flame) 382.    ... show more

Roget 378: feel pain, experience pain, suffer pain, undergo pain etc. n.; suffer, ache, smart, bleed; tingle, shoot; twinge, ... show more

Roget 828: feel pain, suffer pain, experience pain, undergo pain, bear pain, endure pain etc. n., smart, ache etc. (physical pain) 378; suffer, ... show more

2 chafe

Feel extreme irritation or anger.

3 chafe

Cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations.

synonyms: annoy, bother, devil, get at, get to, gravel, irritate, nark, nettle, rag ... show more.

Roget 900: resent, take amiss, take ill, take to heart, take offense, take umbrage, take huff, take exception; take in ill part, take in bad part, take in dudgeon; ne pas entendre raillerie [Fr.]; breathe revenge, cut up rough.    ... show more

Roget 830: cause pain, occasion pain, give pain, bring pain, induce pain, produce pain, create pain, inflict pain etc. 828; pain, hurt, wound.    pinch, ... show more

Dutch: storen, ergeren, donderen, donderjagen, donderstenen, donderstralen, du(i)veljagen, duvelen, duveljagen, etteren ... show more

4 chafe

Tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading:
— This leash chafes the dog's neck.

synonym: excoriate.

Dutch: schrammen

5 chafe

Cause friction.

synonyms: fray, fret, rub, scratch.

Dutch: aanlopen, oplopen

6 chafe

Warm by rubbing, as with the hands.

Dutch: vervelen, schuren

Moby thesaurus: ablate, ablation, abrade, abrase, abrasion, abrasive, afflict, aggravate, agonize, ail, annoy, arouse, attrition, bark, be livid, be pissed, bite, blemish, bloody, bluster ... show more.

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