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1 exaction

Act of demanding or levying by force or authority.

Roget 741: command, order, ordinance, act, fiat, hukm, bidding, dictum, hest, behest, call, beck, nod.    despatch, ... show more

Roget 925: undueness etc. adj.; malum prohibitum [Lat.]; impropriety; illegality etc. 964.    falseness etc. adj.; emptiness of title, invalidity of title; illegitimacy.    ... show more

Dutch: afpersing
Polish: egzakcja

Moby thesaurus: admission, admission fee, anchorage, blackmail, bother, brokerage, burdening, call, call for, carfare, cellarage, charge, charges, charging, claim, contribution, cover charge, demand, demand for, dockage ... show more.

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