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1 dissatisfaction

The feeling of being displeased and discontent.

Roget 828: mental suffering, pain, dolor; suffering, sufferance; ache, smart etc. (physical pain) 378; passion.    displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, ... show more

Roget 832: discontent, discontentment; dissatisfaction; dissent etc. 489.    disappointment, mortification; cold comfort; regret etc. 833; repining, taking on ... show more

Dutch: mishagen, ongenoegen, ontevredenheid, onvrede
Polish: niezadowolenie

Moby thesaurus: Faustianism, aggravation, agreement to disagree, alienation, angst, anguish, annoyance, anxiety, apostasy, aversion, bad books, bafflement, balk, ban, betrayed hope, blackball, blackballing, blasted expectation, blighted hope, blow ... show more.

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