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make free with


Roget 748: be free etc. adj.; have scope etc. n., have the run of, have one's own way, have a will of one's own, have one's fling; do what one likes, do what one wishes, do what one pleases, do what one chooses; ... show more

Roget 895: be rude etc. adj.; insult etc. 929; treat with discourtesy; take a name in vain; make bold with, make free with; take a liberty; stare out of countenance, ogle, point at, ... show more

Roget 789: take, catch, hook, nab, bag, sack, pocket, put into one's pocket; receive; accept.    reap, crop, cull, ... show more

Roget 892: be sociable etc. adj.; know; be acquainted etc. adj.; associate with, sort with, keep company with, walk hand in hand with; eat off the same trencher, club together, consort, ... show more

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