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1 intrude

Enter uninvited:
— They intruded on our dinner party.

synonym: irrupt.

Roget 10: have no relation to etc. 9; have no bearing upon, have no concern with etc. 9, have no business with; not concern etc. 9; have no business there, have nothing to do with, intrude ... show more

Roget 24: disagree; clash, jar etc. (discord) 713; interfere, intrude, come amiss; not concern etc. 10; mismatch; ... show more

Roget 135: be ill timed etc. adj.; mistime, intrude, come amiss, break in upon; have other fish to fry; be busy, be occupied.    lose an opportunity, throw away an opportunity, waste an opportunity, neglect an opportunity ... show more

Roget 294: have the entree; enter; go into, go in, come into, come in, pour into, pour in, flow into, flow in, creep into, creep in, slip into, slip in, ... show more

2 intrude

Enter unlawfully on someone's property.

synonym: trespass.

3 intrude

Search or inquire in a meddlesome way.

synonyms: horn in, nose, poke, pry.

Dutch: grasduinen, neuzen, rondneuzen, snuffelen, snuffen

4 intrude

Thrust oneself in as if by force:
— The colors don't intrude on the viewer.

synonym: obtrude.

Roget 228: lie between, come between, get between; intervene, slide in, interpenetrate, permeate.    put between, introduce, import, throw in, wedge in, edge in, jam in, ... show more

Dutch: opdringen

Moby thesaurus: admit, advance upon, barge in, be admitted, blow it, bother, break bounds, break in, break in upon, breeze in, burst in, bust in, butt in, charge in, come barging in, come between, come breezing in, come busting in, come in, crash ... show more.

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