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1 clear

The state of being free of suspicion.

Roget 937: vindication, justification, warrant; exoneration, exculpation; acquittal etc. 970; whitewashing.    extenuation; palliation, palliative; softening, mitigation.    ... show more

2 clear

A clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water.

synonym: open.


1 clear

Rid of obstructions:
— Clear your desk.

synonym: unclutter.

Dutch: deblokkeren

2 clear

Make a way or path by removing objects.

3 clear

Become clear:
— The sky cleared after the storm.

synonyms: brighten, clear up, light up.

Dutch: opklaren

4 clear

Grant authorization or clearance for:
— Clear the manuscript for publication.

synonyms: authorise, authorize, pass.

Dutch: viseren

5 clear


6 clear

Go unchallenged; be approved:
— The bill cleared the House.

synonym: pass.

Roget 42: render simple etc. adj.; simplify.    sift, winnow, bolt, eliminate; exclude, get rid of; clear; purify etc. (clean) ... show more

Roget 652: be clean, render clean etc. adj.; clean, cleanse; mundify, rinse, wring, flush, full, wipe, mop, sponge, ... show more

7 clear

Be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts.

8 clear

Go away or disappear.

9 clear

Pass by, over, or under without making contact:
— The balloon cleared the tree tops.

synonym: top.

10 clear

Make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear:
— Clear up the question of who is at fault.

synonyms: clear up, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, elucidate, enlighten, illuminate, shed light on, sort out ... show more.

Dutch: verstaanbaar, begrijpelijk, helder, duidelijk, verklaren, verduidelijken, onderrichten

11 clear

Free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment.

12 clear

Clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc..

13 clear

Yield as a net profit.

synonym: net.

14 clear

Make as a net profit:
— The company cleared $1 million.

synonyms: net, sack, sack up.

15 clear

Earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages:
— He clears $5,000 each month.

synonyms: bring in, earn, gain, make, pull in, realise, realize, take in.

Roget 775: acquire, get, gain, win, earn, obtain, procure, gather; collect etc. (assemble) 72; pick, pickup; ... show more

Dutch: doen, opbrengen, verdienen

16 clear


17 clear

Pass an inspection or receive authorization.

18 clear

Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges:
— The suspect was cleared of the murder charges.

synonyms: acquit, assoil, discharge, exculpate, exonerate.

Roget 807: pay, defray, make payment; paydown, pay on the nail, pay ready money, pay at sight, pay in advance; cash, honor a bill, acknowledge; redeem; pay in kind.    pay one's way, ... show more

Roget 705: be easy etc. adj.; go on smoothly, run smoothly; have full play etc. n.; go on all fours, run on all fours; obey the helm, work well.    flow with the stream, swim with the stream, ... show more

Roget 750: liberate, free; set free, set clear, set at liberty; render free, emancipate, release; enfranchise, affranchise; manumit; enlarge; disband, ... show more

Roget 970: acquit, exculpate, exonerate, clear; absolve, whitewash, assoil; discharge, release; liberate etc. 750.    reprieve, respite; ... show more

Dutch: ontheffen, vrijpleiten, vrijspreken, zuiveren

19 clear

Settle, as of a debt:
— Clear a debt.

synonym: solve.

20 clear

Make clear, bright, light, or translucent.

21 clear

Rid of instructions or data.

22 clear

Remove (people) from a building.

23 clear

Remove the occupants of.

24 clear

Free (the throat) by making a rasping sound:
— Clear the throat.

synonym: clear up.


1 clear

Readily apparent to the mind.

Roget 413: harmonious, harmonical; in concord etc. n., in tune, in concert; unisonant, concentual, symphonizing, isotonic, homophonous, assonant; ariose, ... show more

Roget 946: innocent, not guilty; unguilty; guiltless, faultless, sinless, stainless, bloodless, spotless; clear, immaculate; rectus in curia [Lat.]; unspotted, unblemished, ... show more

Roget 425: transparent, pellucid, lucid, diaphanous, translucent, tralucent, relucent; limpid, clear, serene, crystalline, clear as crystal, vitreous, transpicuous, ... show more

Roget 518: intelligible; clear, clear as day, clear as noonday; lucid; perspicuous, transpicuous; luminous, transparent.    easily understood, easy to understand, for the million, intelligible to the meanest capacity, popularized.    ... show more

Roget 474: certain, sure, assured etc. v.; solid, well-founded.    unqualified, absolute, positive, determinate, definite, clear, ... show more

2 clear

Free from confusion or doubt.

3 clear

Affording free passage or view:
— A clear view.
— A clear path to victory.

synonym: open.

Roget 525: manifest, apparent; salient, striking, demonstrative, prominent, in the foreground, notable, pronounced.    flagrant; notorious etc. (public) ... show more

4 clear

Allowing light to pass through.

5 clear

Free from contact or proximity or connection.

6 clear

Characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts (especially guilt).

7 clear

of sound or color Free from anything that dulls or dims:
— Clear laughter like a waterfall.
— Clear reds and blues.

synonyms: clean, light, unclouded.

Roget 420: shining etc. v.; luminous, luminiferous; lucid, lucent, luculent, lucific, luciferous; light, lightsome; bright, ... show more

Roget 446: visible, perceptible, perceivable, discernible, apparent; in view, in full view, in sight; exposed to view, en vidence; unclouded, unobscured, in the foreground.    ... show more

8 clear

especially of a title Free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law:
— I have clear title to this property.

synonym: unmortgaged.

9 clear

Clear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible:
— As clear as a whistle.
— Clear footprints in the snow.
— The letter brought back a clear image of his grandfather.
— A clear-cut pattern.

synonyms: clean-cut, clear-cut.

10 clear

Accurately stated or described.

synonym: well-defined.

11 clear

Free from clouds or mist or haze.

12 clear

Free of restrictions or qualifications:
— A clear winner.

synonym: clean.

13 clear

Free from flaw or blemish or impurity.

14 clear

Clear of charges or deductions.

15 clear

Easily deciphered.

synonyms: decipherable, readable.

16 clear

Freed from any question of guilt:
— Was now clear of the charge of cowardice.

synonyms: absolved, cleared, exculpated, exonerated, vindicated.

17 clear

Characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving:
— Clear mind.

synonym: percipient.


1 clear

— Read the book clear to the end.
— Slept clear through the night.
— There were open fields clear to the horizon.

synonym: all the way.

2 clear

In an easily perceptible manner:
— Could be seen clearly under the microscope.
— She cried loud and clear.

synonym: clearly.

Moby thesaurus: Attic, Ciceronian, Mickey Mouse, above water, abroad, absolute, absolve, absolved, abstract, account for, accumulate, acquire, acquit, acute, admitting no exception, adrift, afield, afloat, afoot and lighthearted, all abroad ... show more.

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