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1 shiny

Reflecting light:
— Saw the moon like a shiny dime on a deep blue velvet carpet.

synonyms: glistening, glossy, lustrous, sheeny, shining.

Polish: połyskujący, błyszczący, lśniący, łyskliwy

2 shiny

Having a shiny surface or coating.

synonym: glazed.

Polish: szklany, szklisty

3 shiny

Made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow:
— Shiny black patents.

synonyms: bright, burnished, lustrous, shining.

Roget 420: shining etc. v.; luminous, luminiferous; lucid, lucent, luculent, lucific, luciferous; light, lightsome; bright, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: aglow, beaming, beamy, bleached, blushing, bright, bright and sunny, buffed, burning, burnished, candescent, clean, cleanly, coruscating, dainty, dazzling, dirt-free, fair, fastidious, finished ... show more.

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