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Roget category 807

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.9. Possessive relations
›› 5.9.4. Monetary relations

#807. Payment


payment, defraymentdischargeacquittance, quittancesettlement, clearance, liquidation, satisfaction, reckoning, arrangement.
acknowledgment, releasereceipt, receipt in full, receipt in full of all demandsvoucher.
salary, compensation, remuneration (reward) 973.
repayment, reimbursement, retributionpay etc. (reward) 973money paid etc. (expenditure) 809.
ready money etc. (cash) 800stake, remittance, installment.
payer, liquidator etc. 801.
pay cash, pay cash on the barrelhead.


pay, defray, make paymentpaydown, pay on the nail, pay ready money, pay at sight, pay in advancecash, honor a bill, acknowledgeredeempay in kind.
pay one's way, pay one's shot, pay one's footingpay the piper, pay sauce for all, pay costsdo the needfulshell out, fork outcough up [Coll.], fork overcome down with, come down with the dusttickle the palm, grease the palmexpend etc. 809put down, lay down.
discharge, settle, quit, acquit oneself offoot the billaccount with, reckon with, settle with, be even with, be quits withstrike a balancesettle accounts with, balance accounts with, square accounts withquit scoreswipe off old scores, clear off old scoressatisfypay in fullsatisfy all demands, pay in full of all demandsclear, liquidatepay up, pay old debts.
disgorge, make repaymentrepay, refund, reimburse, retributemake compensation etc. 30.
pay by credit card, put it on the plastic.


paying &c. — paid etc. v. — owing nothing, out of debt, all straightunowed, never indebted.


to the tune ofon the nail, money down.

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