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1 refund

Money returned to a payer.

Polish: zwrot

2 refund

The act of returning money received previously.

synonym: repayment.


1 refund

Pay back:
— Please refund me my money.

synonyms: give back, repay, return.

Roget 807: pay, defray, make payment; paydown, pay on the nail, pay ready money, pay at sight, pay in advance; cash, honor a bill, acknowledge; redeem; pay in kind.    pay one's way, ... show more

Dutch: terugbetalen

Moby thesaurus: abate, abatement, agio, allow, allowance, amends, atone, atonement, bank discount, bate, breakage, cash discount, chain discount, charge off, charge-off, compensate, compensation, concession, cut, deduct ... show more.

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