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Roget category 751

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.6. General intersocial volition

#751. Restraint


restrainthindrance etc. 706coercion etc. (compulsion) 744cohibition, constraint, repression, suppressiondiscipline, control.
confinement durance, duressimprisonmentincarceration, coarctation, entombment, mancipation, durance vile, limbo, captivityblockade.
arrest, arrestationcustody, keep, care, charge, ward, restringency.
curb etc. (means of restraint) 752lettres de cachet [Fr.].
limitation, restriction, protection, monopolyprohibition etc. 761.
prisoner etc. 754repressionist.


restrain, checkput under restraint, lay under restraintenthral, enthrall, inthral, inthrall, bethral, bethrallrestrictdebar etc. (hinder) 706constraincoerce etc. (compel) 744curb, controlhold back, hold from, hold in, hold in check, hold within bounds, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep within boundshold in leash, hold in leading stringswithhold.
keep underrepress, suppresssmotherpull in, rein inhold, hold fastkeep a tight hand onprohibit etc. 761inhibit, cohibit.
enchainfasten etc. (join) 43fetter, shackleentrammelbridle, muzzle, hopple, gag, pinion, manacle, handcuff, tie one's hands, hobble, bind hand and footswathe, swaddlepin down, tetherpickettie down, tie upsecureforge fettersdisable, hamstring (incapacitate) 158.
confineshut up, shut inclap up, lock up, box up, mew up, bottle up, cork up, seal up, button uphem in, bolt in, wall in, rail inimpound, pen, coopinclose etc. (circumscribe) 229cageincage, encageclose the door upon, cloisterimprison, immureincarcerate, entombclap under hatches, lay under hatchesput in irons, put in a strait-waistcoatthrow into prison, cast into prisonput into bilboes.
arresttake up, take charge of, take into custodytake prisoner, take captive, make prisoner, make captivecaptivatelead captive, lead into captivitysend to prison, commit to prisoncommitgive in charge, give in custodysubjugate etc. 749.


restrained, constrainedimprisoned etc. v. — pent upjammed in, wedged inunder lock and key, under restraint, under hatchesin swaddling clotheson parolein custody, doing time etc. (prisoner) 754 cohibitivecoactive etc. (compulsory) 744.
stiff, restringent, strait-laced, hidebound, barkbound.
ice bound, wind bound, weather boundcabined cribbed confined" [Macbeth]; in Lob's pound, laid by the heels.

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