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1 earnings

The excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses).

synonyms: lucre, net, net income, net profit, profit, profits.

Roget 775: acquisition; gaining etc. v.; obtainment; procuration, procurement; purchase, descent, inheritance; gift etc. 784.    recovery, ... show more

Roget 810: receipt, value received, money coming in; income, incomings, innings, revenue, return, proceeds; gross receipts, net profit; earnings etc. (gain) ... show more

Dutch: baat, baten, gewin, profijt, winst, winstcijfer, winstcijfers
Polish: dochód netto, zysk netto

2 earnings

Something that remunerates:
— They saved a quarter of all their earnings.

synonyms: pay, remuneration, salary, wage.

Dutch: arbeidsinkomen, arbeidsloon, bezoldiging, gage, honorarium, loon, remuneratie, salaris, traktement, wedde
Polish: uposażenie, wypłata, pobory, płaca, pensja

Moby thesaurus: accession, acquirement, acquisition, addition, attainment, avails, base pay, box office, capital gains, cleanup, clear profit, coming by, commissions, compensation, credit, credits, dismissal wage, disposable income, dividend, dividends ... show more.

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