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1 hop

The act of hopping; jumping upward or forward (especially on one foot).

Roget 840: amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.], sport; ... show more

Roget 309: leap, jump, hop, spring, bound, vault, saltation.    ance, caper; curvet, caracole; gambade, gambado; capriole, ... show more

Dutch: hink-stap-sprong

2 hop

Twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes; the dried flowers of this plant are used in brewing to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer.

synonym: hops.

Dutch: hop

3 hop

An informal dance where popular music is played.

synonym: record hop.


1 hop

Jump lightly.

synonyms: hop-skip, skip.

Roget 309: leap; jump up, jump over the moon; hop, spring, bound, vault, ramp, cut capers, trip, skip, dance, caper; ... show more

Dutch: huppelen, hippelen, hippen, huppen

2 hop

Move quickly from one place to another.

3 hop

Travel by means of an aircraft, bus, etc..

4 hop

Traverse as if by a short airplane trip.

5 hop

Jump across.

6 hop

Make a jump forward or upward.

Moby thesaurus: Amytal, Amytal pill, Demerol, Dolophine, H, Highland fling, Luminal, Luminal pill, M, Mickey Finn, Nembutal, Nembutal pill, Seconal, Seconal pill, Tuinal, Tuinal pill, aeroplane, airlift, airplane, alcohol ... show more.

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