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1 allowance

An amount allowed or granted (as during a given period).

Roget 973: reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, reguerdon; price.    [payment for damage or debt] indemnity, indemnification; quittance; compensation; reparation, redress, ... show more

Roget 937: vindication, justification, warrant; exoneration, exculpation; acquittal etc. 970; whitewashing.    extenuation; palliation, palliative; softening, mitigation.    ... show more

Roget 813: discount, abatement, concession, reduction, depreciation, allowance; qualification, set-off, drawback, poundage, agio, percentage; rebate, rebatement; ... show more

Roget 786: apportionment, allotment, consignment, assignment, appointment; appropriation; dispensation, distribution; division, deal; repartition, partition; administration.    dividend, ... show more

Roget 784: giving etc. v.; bestowal, bestowment, donation; presentation, presentment; accordance; concession; delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, ... show more

Roget 469: qualification, limitation, modification, coloring.    allowance, grains of allowance, consideration, extenuating circumstances; mitigation.    condition, proviso, prerequisite, contingency, ... show more

Dutch: bijslag, toelage
Polish: kapanina

2 allowance

A sum granted as reimbursement for expenses.

Dutch: vergoeding
Polish: dopłata, dodatek

3 allowance

An amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances:
— An allowance for profit.

synonym: adjustment.

Dutch: toelage

4 allowance

A permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits.

synonyms: leeway, margin, tolerance.

Roget 760: permission, leave; allowance, sufferance; tolerance, toleration; liberty, law, license, concession, grace; indulgence etc. (lenity) ... show more

Dutch: speelruimte
Polish: tolerancja

5 allowance

A reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets.

synonyms: allowance account, valuation account, valuation reserve.

6 allowance

The act of allowing.

Polish: umożliwianie


1 allowance

Put on a fixed allowance, as of food.

Moby thesaurus: C ration, K ration, OK, abatement, acceptance, account, acknowledgment, adjustment, admission, agio, aid, alimony, allocation, allotment, allowing, annuity, apportionment, appreciation, appropriation, approximation ... show more.

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