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Roget category 803

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.9. Possessive relations
›› 5.9.4. Monetary relations

#803. Wealth


wealth, riches, fortune, handsome fortune, opulence, affluencegood circumstances, easy circumstancesindependencecompetence etc. (sufficiency) 639solvency.
provision, livelihood, maintenancealimony, dowrymeans, resources, substanceproperty etc. 780command of money.
income etc. 810capital, moneyround sum etc. (treasure) 800mint of money, mine of wealth, El Dorado [Sp.], bonanza, Pacatolus, Golconda, Potosi.
long purse, full purse, well lined purse, heavy purse, deep pocketspurse of Fortunatus [Lat.]embarras de richesses [Fr.].
pelf, Mammon, lucre, filthy lucreloaves and fishes.
rich man, moneyed man, warm manman of substancecapitalist, millionaire, tippybob [Slang], Nabob, Croesus, idas, Plutus, Dives, Timon of AthensTimocracy, PlutocracyDanae.


be rich etc. adj. — roll in wealth, roll in riches, wallow in wealth, wallow in riches.
afford, well affordcommand money, command a summake both ends meet, hold one's head above water.
become rich etc. adj. — strike it richcome into a sum of money, receive a windfall, receive an inheritance, hit the jackpot, win the lotteryfill one's pocket etc. (treasury) 802feather one's nest, make a fortunemake money etc. (acquire) 775.
enrich, imburse.
worship the golden calf, worship Mammon.


wealthy, rich, affluent, opulent, moneyed, monied, worth muchwell to do, well offwarmcomfortable, well, well provided for.
made of moneyrich as Croesus, filthy rich, rich as a Jewrolling in riches, rolling in wealth.
flush, flush of cash, flush of money, flush of tin [Slang]in funds, in cash, in full feathersolvent, pecunious, out of debt, in the black, all straight.


one's ship coming in.
amour fait beaucoup mais argent fait tout [Fr.], love does much but money does everythingaurea rumpunt tecta quietem [Lat.] [Seneca]; magna servitus ist magna fortuna [Lat.]mammon, the least erected spirit that fell from mammon, the least erected spirit that fell from Heaven" [Paradise Lost]; opum furiata cupido [Lat.] [Ovid]; vera prosperita e non aver necessita [It]wie gewonnen so zerronnen [G.].

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