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1 justify

Show to be right by providing justification or proof.

synonym: vindicate.

Roget 976: create, move, uphold, preserve, govern &c.; atone, redeem, save, propitiate, mediate, &c.; predestinate, ... show more

Dutch: opeisen, uitlijnen, verantwoorden

2 justify

used of God Declare innocent; absolve from the penalty of sin.

3 justify

Adjust the spaces between words.


Roget 937: vindication, justification, warrant; exoneration, exculpation; acquittal etc. 970; whitewashing.    extenuation; palliation, palliative; softening, mitigation.    ... show more

Moby thesaurus: absolve, account, account for, acquit, allow, amnesty, approve, argue, assert, authenticate, authorize, back, bear out, claim, clear, compose, confirm, contend, corroborate, cry sour grapes ... show more.

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