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1 unimpeachable

Beyond doubt or reproach.

Roget 474: certain, sure, assured etc. v.; solid, well-founded.    unqualified, absolute, positive, determinate, definite, clear, ... show more

Roget 494: real, actual etc. (existing) 1; veritable, true; right, correct; certain etc. 474; substantially true, ... show more

Roget 931: approving etc. v.; in favor of; lost in admiration.    commendatory, complimentary, benedictory, laudatory, panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, lavish of praise, uncritical.    ... show more

2 unimpeachable

Free of guilt; not subject to blame:
— An unimpeachable reputation.

synonyms: blameless, inculpable, irreproachable.

Roget 946: innocent, not guilty; unguilty; guiltless, faultless, sinless, stainless, bloodless, spotless; clear, immaculate; rectus in curia [Lat.]; unspotted, unblemished, ... show more

Polish: nieposzlakowany

3 unimpeachable

Completely acceptable; not open to exception or reproach.

synonym: unexceptionable.

Roget 924: having a right to etc. v.; entitled to; claiming; deserving, meriting, worthy of.    privileged, allowed, sanctioned, warranted, authorized; ordained, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Christian, above suspicion, absolute, actual, admitting no question, believable, blameless, clean, colorable, conceivable, confirmable, credible, creditable, decent, demonstrable, demonstratable, erect, estimable, ethical, factual ... show more.

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