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1 relaxation

physiology The gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers.

Roget 840: amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.], sport; ... show more

Roget 927: dereliction of duty; fault etc. (guilt) 947; sin etc. (vice) 945; non-observance, non-performance; neglect, relaxation, infraction, ... show more

Roget 683: inactivity; inaction etc. 681; inertness etc. 172; obstinacy etc. 606.    lull etc. (cessation) ... show more

Roget 174: moderation, lenity etc. 740; temperateness, gentleness etc. adj.; sobriety; quiet; mental calmness etc. (inexcitability) 826.    ... show more

Roget 160: weakness etc. adj.; debility, atony, relaxation, languor, enervation; impotence etc. 158; infirmity; effeminacy, feminality; ... show more

Polish: relaksacja

2 relaxation

physics The exponential return of a system to equilibrium after a disturbance.

synonym: relaxation behavior.

3 relaxation

A feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.

synonym: easiness.

Polish: odprężenie, relaks, relaksacja, rozluźnienie, spadek napięcia, ukojenie, ulga, uspokojenie, wyciszenie, wytchnienie

4 relaxation

An occurrence of control or strength weakening:
— The relaxation of requirements.

synonyms: loosening, slackening.

Roget 738: laxity; laxness, looseness, slackness; toleration etc. (lenity) 740; freedom etc. 748.    anarchy, interregnum; relaxation; ... show more

Roget 47: nonadhesion; immiscibility; incoherence; looseness etc. adj.; laxity; relaxation; loosening etc. v.; freedom; disjunction ... show more

5 relaxation

Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).

synonyms: ease, repose, rest.

Roget 687: repose, rest, silken repose; sleep etc. 683.    relaxation, breathing time; halt, stay, pause etc. (cessation) ... show more

Roget 685: leisure; convenience; spare time, spare hours, spare moments; vacant hour; time, time to spare, time on one's hands; holiday, relaxation etc. (rest) 687; ... show more

Dutch: nachtrust
Polish: zrelaksowanie, odprężenie, wyluzowanie, rozluźnienie

6 relaxation

A method of solving simultaneous equations by guessing a solution and then reducing the errors that result by successive approximations until all the errors are less than some specified amount.

synonym: relaxation method.

7 relaxation

The act of making less strict.

synonyms: liberalisation, liberalization.

Dutch: liberalisering, versoepeling
Polish: liberalizacja

Moby thesaurus: abatement, abridgment, allayment, alleviation, amusement, assuagement, attenuation, attrition, bagginess, blunting, calming, carelessness, comfort, contraction, cushioning, dampening, damping, deadening, debilitation, decrease ... show more.

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