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Roget category 823

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.1. Affections in general

#823. Insensibility


insensibility, insensiblenessmoral insensibilityinertness, inertiavis inertiae [Lat.]impassibility, impassiblenessinappetency, apathy, phlegm, dullness, hebetude, supineness, lukewarmness.
cold fit, cold blood, cold heartcoldness, coolnessfrigidity, sang froid [Fr.]stoicism, imperturbation etc. (inexcitability) 826nonchalance, unconcern, dry eyesinsouciance etc. (indifference) 866recklessness etc. 863callousnessheart of stone, stock and stone, marble, deadness.
torpor, torpidityobstupefaction, lethargy, coma, trance, vegetative statesleep etc. 683suspended animationstupor, stupefactionparalysis, palsynumbness etc. (physical insensibility) 376.
neutralityquietism, vegetation.


be insensible etc. adj. — have a rhinoceros hideshow insensibility etc. n. — not mind, not care, not be affected byhave no desire for etc. 866have no interest in, feel no interest in, take no interest innil admirari [Lat.]not care a straw for etc. (unimportance) 643disregard etc. (neglect) 460set at naught etc. (make light of) 483turn a deaf ear to etc. (inattention) 458vegetate.
render insensible, render callousblunt, obtund, numb, benumb, paralyze, deaden, hebetate, stun, stupefybrutifybrutalizechloroform, anaesthetize, put underassify.
inureharden the heartsteel, caseharden, sear.


insensible, unconsciousimpassive, impassibleblind to, deaf to, dead tounsusceptible, insusceptibleunimpressionable, unimpressiblepassionless, spiritless, heartless, soullessunfeeling, unmoral.
apatheticleuco-, phlegmaticdull, frigidcold blooded, cold heartedcold as charityflat, maudlin, obtuse, inert, supine, sluggish, torpid, torpedinous, torporificsleepy etc. (inactive) 683languid, half-hearted, tamenumbedcomatoseanaesthetic etc. 376stupefied, chloroformed, drugged, stonedpalsy-stricken.
indifferent, lukewarmcareless, mindless, regardlessinattentive etc. 458neglectful etc. 460 disregarding.
unconcerned, nonchalant, pococurante, insouciant, sans souci [Fr.]unambitious etc. 866.
unaffected, unruffled, unimpressed, uninspired, unexcited, unmoved, unstirred, untouched, unshocked, unstruckunblushing etc. (shameless) 885unanimatedvegetative.
callous, thick-skinned, hard-nosed, pachydermatous, impervioushardenedinured, casehardenedsteeled against, proof againstimperturbable etc. (inexcitable) 826unfelt.


insensibly etc. adj. — aequo animo [Lat.]without being moved, without being touched, without being impressed in cold bloodwith dry eyes, with withers unwrung.


never mindmacht nichts [G.], it is of no consequence etc. (unimportant) 643it cannot be helpednothing coming amissit is all the same to, it is all one to.

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