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Roget category 606

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.1. Volition in general
›› 5.1.1. Acts of volition

#606. Obstinacy


obstinateness etc. adj. — obstinacy, tenacitycussedness [U.S.]perseverance etc. 604.1; immovabilityold schoolinflexibility etc. (hardness) 323obduracy, obdurationdogged resolutionresolution etc. 604ruling passionblind side.
self-will, contumacy, perversitypervicacy, pervicacityindocility.
bigotry, intolerance, dogmatismopiniatry, opiniativenessfixed idea etc. (prejudgment) 481fanaticism, zealotry, infatuation, monomania opinionatedness opinionativeness.
muleopinionist, opinionatist, opiniator, opinatorstickler, dogmatistbigotzealot, enthusiast, fanatic.


be obstinate etc. adj. — stickle, take no denial, fly in the face of factsopinionate, be wedded to an opinion, hug a beliefhave one's own way etc. (will) 600persist etc. (persevere) 604.1; have the last word, insist on having the last word.
die hard, fight against destiny, not yield an inch, stand out.


obstinate, tenacious, stubborn, obdurate, casehardenedinflexible etc. (hard) 323balkyimmovable, unshakable, not to be movedinert etc. 172unchangeable etc. 150inexorable etc. (determined) 604mulish, obstinate as a mule, pig-headed.
doggedsullen, sulkyunmoved, uninfluenced unaffected.
willful, self-willed, perverseresty, restive, restiffpervicacious, wayward, refractory, unrulyheady, headstrongentete [Fr.]contumaciouscrossgrained.
arbitrary, dogmatic, positive, bigotedprejudiced etc. 481creed-boundprepossessed, infatuatedstiff-backed, stiff necked, stiff hearted hard-mouthed, hideboundunyieldingimpervious, impracticable, inpersuasibleunpersuadableintractable, untractableincorrigible, deaf to advice, impervious to reasoncrotchety etc. 608.


obstinately etc. adj..


non possumus [Lat.]no surrenderils n'ont rien appris ne rien oublie [Fr.].

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