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1 anaesthetic

A drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations.

synonyms: anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent.

Roget 683: inactivity; inaction etc. 681; inertness etc. 172; obstinacy etc. 606.    lull etc. (cessation) ... show more

Dutch: verdoving, verdovingsmiddel
Polish: anestetyk, środek znieczulający, znieczulenie


1 anaesthetic

Relating to or producing insensibility.

synonym: anesthetic.

Roget 823: insensible, unconscious; impassive, impassible; blind to, deaf to, dead to; unsusceptible, insusceptible; unimpressionable, unimpressible; passionless, spiritless, heartless, ... show more

Roget 376: insensible, unfeeling, senseless, impercipient, callous, thick-skinned, pachydermatous; hard, hardened; case hardened; proof, obtuse, dull; anaesthetic; ... show more

Polish: anestetyczny, anestezyjny

2 anaesthetic

Characterized by insensibility.

synonym: anesthetic.

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