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1 pool

An excavation that is (usually) filled with water.

Roget 775: acquisition; gaining etc. v.; obtainment; procuration, procurement; purchase, descent, inheritance; gift etc. 784.    recovery, ... show more

Roget 840: amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.], sport; ... show more

Dutch: plas
Polish: zbiornik

2 pool

A small lake.

synonym: pond.

Roget 343: land covered with water, gulf, gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, arm of the sea, bayou [U.S.], fiord, armlet; frith, firth, ostiary, ... show more

Dutch: vijver, waterpartij
Polish: staw

3 pool

An organization of people or resources that can be shared.

4 pool

An association of companies for some definite purpose.

synonyms: consortium, syndicate.

Dutch: consortium, syndicaat
Polish: konsorcjum, syndykat

5 pool

Any communal combination of funds.

Polish: pula

6 pool

A small body of standing water (rainwater) or other liquid:
— The body lay in a pool of blood.

synonym: puddle.

Dutch: bekken, plas, vijver
Polish: kałuża

7 pool

The combined stakes of the betters.

synonym: kitty.

8 pool

Something resembling a pool of liquid:
— He stood in a pool of light.

synonym: puddle.

Dutch: plas

9 pool

Any of various games played on a pool table having 6 pockets.

synonym: pocket billiards.


1 pool

Combine into a common fund.

Roget 709: cooperate, concur; coact, synergize.    conduce etc. 178; combine, unite one's efforts; keep together, draw together, pull together, club together, hand together, ... show more

Dutch: poolen

2 pool

Join or form a pool of people.

Moby thesaurus: Aktiengesellschaft, Swiss bank account, accumulate, aktiebolag, amalgamate, artificial lake, assets, balance, bank, bank account, bayou lake, bear pool, blind pool, body corporate, bottom dollar, budget, bull pool, business, business establishment, cartel ... show more.

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