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1 lullaby

A quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep.

synonyms: berceuse, cradlesong.

Roget 597: poetry, poetics, poesy, Muse, Calliope, tuneful Nine, Parnassus, Helicon, Pierides, Pierian spring.    versification, rhyming, making verses; ... show more

Roget 683: inactivity; inaction etc. 681; inertness etc. 172; obstinacy etc. 606.    lull etc. (cessation) ... show more

Roget 174: moderation, lenity etc. 740; temperateness, gentleness etc. adj.; sobriety; quiet; mental calmness etc. (inexcitability) 826.    ... show more

Roget 415: music; concert; strain, tune, air; melody etc. 413; aria, arietta; piece of music [Fr.], work, number, opus; ... show more

Roget 834: relief; deliverance; refreshment etc. 689; easement, softening, alleviation, mitigation, palliation, soothing, lullaby.    solace, ... show more

Dutch: slaapdeuntje, slaapliedje, wiegeliedje
Polish: berceuse, koƂysanka

2 lullaby

The act of singing a quiet song to lull a child to sleep.

synonym: cradlesong.

Moby thesaurus: Schlummerlied, Wiegenlied, anesthetic, berceuse, cradlesong, hypnotic, mandrake, morphia, morphine, nightcap, opiate, opium, poppy, sedative, sleep-bringer, sleep-inducer, sleep-producer, somnifacient, soporific.

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