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Roget category 174

1. Words expressing abstract relations
1.8. Causation
›› 1.8.3. Power in operation

#174. Moderation


moderation, lenity etc. 740temperateness, gentleness etc. adj. — sobrietyquietmental calmness etc. (inexcitability) 826.
moderating etc. v. — anaphrodisiarelaxation, remission, mitigation, tranquilization, assuagement, contemporation, pacification.
measure, juste milieu [Fr.], golden mean, ariston metron [Gr.].
moderatorlullaby, sedative, lenitive, demulcent, antispasmodic, carminative, laudanumrose water, balm, poppy, opiate, anodyne, milk, opium, poppy or mandragora —" wet blanketpalliative.


be moderate etc. adj. — keep within bounds, keep within compasssober down, settle downkeep the peace, remit, relent, take in sail.
moderate, soften, mitigate, temper, accoyattemper, contempermollify, lenify, dulcify, dull, take off the edge, blunt, obtund, sheathe, subdue, chastensober down, tone down, smooth downweaken etc. 160lessen etc. (decrease) 36check palliate.
tranquilize, pacify, assuage, appease, swag, lull, soothe, compose, still, calm, calm down, cool, quiet, hush, quell, sober, pacify, tame, damp, lay, allay, rebate, slacken, smooth, alleviate, rock to sleep, deaden, smooth, throw cold water on, throw a wet blanket over, turn offslakecurb etc. (restrain) 751tame etc. (subjugate) 749smooth overpour oil on the waves, pour oil on the troubled waterspour balm into, mattre de l'eau dans son vin [Fr.].
go out like a lamb, roar you as gently as any sucking dove" [Midsummer-Night's Dream].


moderatelenient etc. 740gentle, mild, mellowcool, sober, temperate, reasonable, measuredtempered etc. v. — calm, unruffled, quiet, tranquil, stillslow, smooth, untroubledtamepeaceful, peaceablepacific, halcyon.
unexciting, unirritatingsoft, bland, oily, demulcent, lenitive, anodynehypnotic etc. 683sedativeantiorgastic, anaphrodisiac.
mild as mother's milkmilk and water.


moderately etc. adj. — gingerlypianounder easy sail, at half speedwithin bounds, within compassin reason.


est modue in rebuspour oil on troubled waters.

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