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Roget category 827

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.1. Passive affections

#827. Pleasure


pleasure, gratification, enjoyment, fruitionoblectation, delectation, delectionrelish, zestgusto etc. (physical pleasure) 377satisfaction etc. (content) 831complacency.
well-beinggood etc. 618snugness, comfort, easecushion etc. 215sans souci [Fr.], without worry, mind at ease.
joy, gladness, delight, glee, cheer, sunshinecheerfulness etc. 836.
treat, refreshmentamusement etc. 840luxury etc. 377.
mens sana in corpore sano [Lat.] [Juvenal], a sound mind in a sound body.
happiness, felicity, blissbeatitude, beautificationenchantment, transport, rapture, ravishment, ecstasysummum bonum [Lat.]paradise, elysium etc. (heaven) 981third heaven, seventh heaven, cloud nineunalloyed happiness &c. — hedonics, hedonism.
honeymoonpalmy days, halcyon daysgolden age, golden timeDixie, Dixie's landSaturnia regna [Lat.], Arcadia, Shangri-La, happy valley, Agapemone.


be pleased etc. 829feel pleasure, experience pleasure etc. n. — joyenjoy oneself, hug oneselfbe in clover etc. 377, be in elysium etc. 981tread on enchanted groundfall into raptures, go into raptures.
feel at home, breathe freely, bask in the sunshine.
be pleased with etc. 829receive pleasure, derive pleasure etc. n.. fromtake pleasure etc. n.. indelight in, rejoice in, indulge in, luxuriate ingloat over etc. (physical pleasure) 377enjoy, relish, likelove etc. 897take to, take a fancy tohave a liking forenter into the spirit of.
take in good part.
treat oneself to, solace oneself with.


pleased etc. 829not sorryglad, gladsomepleased as Punch.
happy, blest, blessed, blissful, beatifiedhappy as a clam at high water [U.S.], happy as a clam, happy as a king, happy as the day is longthrice happy, ter quaterque beatus [Lat.]enjoying etc. v. — joyful etc. (in spirits) 836hedonic.
in a blissful state, in paradise etc. 981, in raptures, in ecstasies, in a transport of delight.
comfortable etc. (physical pleasure) 377at easecontent etc. 831sans souci [Fr.].
overjoyed, entranced, enchantedenrapturesenravished transportedfascinated, captivated.
with a joyful face, with sparkling eyes.
pleasing etc. 829ecstatic, beaticpainless, unalloyed, without alloy, cloudless.


happily etc. adj. — with pleasure etc. (willingfully) 602with glee etc. n..


one's heart leaping with joy.
a wilderness of sweets" [Paradise Lost]; I wish you all the joy that you can wish" [M. of Venice]; jour de ma viejoy ruled the day and love the night" [Dryden]; joys season'd high and tasting strong of joys season'd high and tasting strong of guilt" [Young]; oh happiness, our being's end and aim! " [Pope]; there is a pleasure that is born of pain" [O Meridith]; throned on highest bliss" [Paradise Lost]; vedi Napoli e poi muori [It]zwischen Freud und Leid ist die Brucke nicht zwischen Freud und Leid ist die Brucke nicht weit [G.], the bridge between joy and sorrow is not wide.

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