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1 reduction

The act of decreasing or reducing something.

synonyms: decrease, diminution, step-down.

Roget 308: lowering etc. v.; depression; dip etc. (concavity) 252; abasement; detrusion; reduction.    overthrow, overset, overturn; ... show more

Roget 556: painting; depicting; drawing etc. v.; design; perspective, sciagraphy, skiagraphy; chiaroscuro etc. (light) 420; composition; ... show more

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Roget 144: conversion, reduction, transmutation, resolution, assimilation; evolution, sea change; change of state; assumption; naturalization; transportation; development [Biol.], developing.    [photography] ... show more

Roget 103: fewness etc. adj.; paucity, small number; small quantity etc. 32; rarity; infrequency etc. 137; handful, maniple; ... show more

Roget 85: numeration; numbering etc. v.; pagination; tale, recension, enumeration, summation, reckoning, computation, supputation; calculation, calculus; ... show more

Roget 36: decrease, diminution; lessening etc. v.; subtraction etc. 38; reduction, abatement, declension; shrinking etc. (contraction.) ... show more

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Dutch: aftreden, afname, afneming, daling, mindering, reductie, verlaging, vermindering
Polish: malenie, pomniejszanie się, zmniejszanie się

2 reduction

Any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen); always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the reducing agent.

synonym: reducing.

Dutch: inkoken, korting, reductie, vermindering
Polish: odtlenianie, redukcja

3 reduction

The act of reducing complexity.

synonym: simplification.

Dutch: reductionisme, vereenvoudiging, versimpeling

Moby thesaurus: abasement, abatement, abbreviation, about-face, abridgment, abstract, acetification, acidification, acidulation, addition, agio, alchemy, alkalization, allayment, alleviation, allowance, analgesia, anesthesia, anesthetizing, apocope ... show more.

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