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1 lounger

Someone who wastes time.

synonyms: dallier, dilly-dallier, dillydallier, mope.

Roget 683: inactivity; inaction etc. 681; inertness etc. 172; obstinacy etc. 606.    lull etc. (cessation) ... show more

2 lounger

An armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it.

synonyms: recliner, reclining chair.

Dutch: ligstoel, slaapstoel

3 lounger

An article of clothing designed for comfort and leisure wear.

Moby thesaurus: clock watcher, dallier, dawdle, dawdler, diddler, dillydallier, do-nothing, dolittle, doodler, faineant, gentleman of leisure, goldbrick, goldbricker, goof-off, idler, laggard, lingerer, loafer, loiterer, loller ... show more.

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