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1 jig

Music in three-four time for dancing a jig.

synonym: gigue.

Roget 840: amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun, game, fun and games; diversion, divertissement; reaction, solace; pastime, passetemps [Fr.], sport; ... show more

Polish: dżig, giga, gigue, jig

2 jig

A fisherman's lure with one or more hooks that is jerked up and down in the water.

Polish: jigs

3 jig

A device that holds a piece of machine work and guides the tools operating on it.

Polish: jig

4 jig

Any of various old rustic dances involving kicking and leaping.

Polish: gigue, giga, dżig, jig


1 jig

Dance a quick dance with leaping and kicking motions.

Moby thesaurus: Charleston, Highland fling, Lambeth Walk, Mexican hat dance, Portland fancy, Virginia reel, Watusi, allemande, and jump, angle, bait, bait the hook, barn dance, belly dance, birdlime, bob, bobble, bola, bolero, boogaloo ... show more.

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