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1 negate

Be in contradiction with.

synonyms: belie, contradict.

Dutch: logenstraffen, loochenen, ontkennen, tegenspreken, weerleggen

2 negate

Deny the truth of.

synonyms: contradict, contravene.

Dutch: als de kat van huis is, tegenspreken

3 negate

Prove negative; show to be false.

synonym: contradict.

4 negate

Make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of:
— This action will negate the effect of my efforts.

synonyms: neutralise, neutralize, nullify.

Dutch: neutraliseren

Moby thesaurus: abate, abnegate, abolish, abrogate, agree to disagree, annihilate, annul, be at cross-purposes, be contrary to, be unmoved, be unwilling, beg off, belie, blow sky-high, blow up, break, break off, bring to naught, bring to nothing, buffer ... show more.

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