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1 amplify

Increase in size, volume or significance.

synonym: magnify.

2 amplify

To enlarge beyond bounds or the truth.

synonyms: exaggerate, hyperbolise, hyperbolize, magnify, overdraw, overstate.

Roget 549: exaggerate, magnify, pile up, aggravate; amplify etc. (expand) 194; overestimate etc. 482; hyperbolize; overcharge, overstate, ... show more

Dutch: chargeren, hyperboliseren, kleuren, opblazen, opkloppen, oppijpen, overdrijven, overtrekken

3 amplify

Exaggerate or make bigger.

synonyms: blow up, expand, inflate.

Roget 573: be diffuse etc. adj.; run out on, descant, expatiate, enlarge, dilate, amplify, expand, inflate; launch out, branch out; rant.    ... show more

Roget 194: become larger etc. (large) etc. 192; expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gather; ... show more

4 amplify

Increase the volume of.

Moby thesaurus: add to, agent provocateur, aggrandize, aggravate, annoy, augment, ballyhoo, bloat, blow up, boost, broaden, build, build up, bulk, bulk out, burlesque, caricature, carry too far, charge, complete ... show more.

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