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build up


1 build up

Enlarge, develop, or increase by degrees or in stages.

Roget 54: be composed of, be made of, be formed of, be made up of; consist of, be resolved into.    include etc. (in a class) 76; contain, hold, comprehend, take in, ... show more

Dutch: opstapelen

2 build up

Form or accumulate steadily.

synonyms: build, progress, work up.

Dutch: doorzetten, verhevigen

3 build up

Prepare oneself for a military confrontation.

synonyms: arm, fortify, gird.

4 build up

Bolster or strengthen:
— Build up confidence.

synonyms: build, ramp up, work up.

5 build up

Change the use of and make available or usable.

synonym: develop.

Moby thesaurus: add to, advertise, agent provocateur, aggrandize, aggravate, amplify, annoy, assemble, augment, ballyhoo, bark, bill, bloat, blow up, boost, broaden, build, bulk, bulk out, bulletin ... show more.

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