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1 pop

An informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk.

synonyms: dad, dada, daddy, pa, papa, pappa.

Dutch: pa, pap, papa, pappa
Polish: papa

2 pop

A sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring.

synonyms: soda, soda pop, soda water, tonic.

Dutch: fris, frisdrank, gazeuse, limonade, natriumcarbonaat, prik, priklimonade, tonic

3 pop

A sharp explosive sound as from a gunshot or drawing a cork.

synonym: popping.

Dutch: plop
Polish: wystrzaƂ

4 pop

Music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love.

synonym: pop music.

Dutch: pop, popmuziek
Polish: pop


1 pop

Bulge outward:
— His eyes popped.

synonyms: bug out, bulge, bulge out, come out, pop out, protrude, start.

Roget 508: not expect etc. 507; be taken by surprise; start; miscalculate etc. 481; not bargain for; come upon, fall upon.    be unexpected etc. adj.; ... show more

Roget 406: rap, snap, tap, knock, ping; click; clash; crack, crackle; crash; pop; slam, bang, blast, ... show more

Dutch: uitsteken

2 pop

Hit a pop-fly.

3 pop

Make a sharp explosive noise.

4 pop

Fire a weapon with a loud explosive noise.

5 pop

Cause to make a sharp explosive sound.

6 pop

Appear suddenly or unexpectedly:
— The farm popped into view as we turned the corner.
— He suddenly popped up out of nowhere.

synonyms: crop up, pop up.

Dutch: te voorschijn komen, opduiken

7 pop

Put or thrust suddenly and forcefully.

8 pop

Release suddenly.

9 pop

Hit or strike.

10 pop

Drink down entirely:
— They popped a few beer after work.

synonyms: belt down, bolt down, down, drink down, kill, pour down, toss off.

11 pop

Take drugs, especially orally.

12 pop

Cause to burst with a loud, explosive sound.

13 pop

Burst open with a sharp, explosive sound.


1 pop

of music or art New and of general appeal (especially among young people).

synonym: popular.

Polish: egzoteryczny, masowy, popularny


1 pop

Like a pop or with a pop.

Roget 508: abruptly, unexpectedly, surprisingly; plump, pop, a l'improviste [Fr.], unawares; without notice, without warning, without a 'by your leave';" like a thief in the night, like a thunderbolt; in an unguarded moment; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Babbittish, Babbittry, Methuselah, Philistine, abba, abruptly, alcoholic drink, antediluvian, antique, back number, bad taste, bag, ballad, balloon, bang, bark, belly, belly out, beverage, bilge ... show more.

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