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1 smolder

A fire that burns with thick smoke but no flame.

synonym: smoulder.

Dutch: rookwolk


1 smolder

Burn slowly and without a flame:
— A smoldering fire.

synonym: smoulder.

Roget 382: be hot etc. adj.; glow, flush, sweat, swelter, bask, smoke, reek, stew, simmer, seethe, boil, ... show more

Roget 526: be latent etc. adj.; lurk, smolder, underlie, make no sign; escape observation, escape detection, escape recognition; lie hid etc. 528.    laugh in one's sleeve; ... show more

Roget 172: be inert etc. adj.; hang fire, smolder.   

Dutch: smeulen

2 smolder

Have strong suppressed feelings.

synonym: smoulder.

Moby thesaurus: bake, be angry, be excitable, be in heat, be latent, be livid, be pissed, bellow, blaze, bloom, blow a gasket, blow up, bluster, boil, broil, browned off, bubble, burn, burst, carry on ... show more.

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