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1 disparagement

A communication that belittles somebody or something.

synonyms: depreciation, derogation.

Roget 908: malediction, malison, curse, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, ban, proscription, excommunication, commination, thunders of the Vatican, fulmination, maranatha; ... show more

Roget 929: disrespect, disesteem, disestimation; disparagement etc. (dispraise) 932, (detraction) 934.    irreverence; slight, neglect, spretae injuria formae [Lat.] [Vergil], ... show more

Roget 932: disapprobation, disapproval; improbation; disesteem, disvaluation, displacency; odium; dislike etc. 867.    dispraise, discommendation; blame, censure, ... show more

Roget 934: detraction, disparagement, depreciation, vilification, obloquy, scurrility, scandal, defamation, aspersion, traducement, slander, calumny, obtrectation, ... show more

2 disparagement

The act of speaking contemptuously of.

synonym: dispraise.

Moby thesaurus: airs, animadversion, arrogance, aspersion, attaint, attrition, backbiting, backstabbing, badge of infamy, bar sinister, baton, belittlement, bend sinister, black eye, black mark, blot, blur, brand, broad arrow, calumny ... show more.

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