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1 hoot

A loud raucous cry (as of an owl).

Roget 545: deception; falseness etc. 544; untruth etc. 546; imposition, imposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency; ... show more

2 hoot

A cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt.

synonyms: bird, boo, Bronx cheer, hiss, raspberry, razz, razzing, snort.

Roget 929: disrespect, disesteem, disestimation; disparagement etc. (dispraise) 932, (detraction) 934.    irreverence; slight, neglect, spretae injuria formae [Lat.] [Vergil], ... show more

Dutch: awoert, boe, snuiven, uitjouwen
Polish: wygwizdanie

3 hoot

Something of little value.

synonyms: damn, darn, red cent, shit, shucks, tinker's dam, tinker's damn.

Polish: gówno


1 hoot

To utter a loud clamorous shout.

Roget 412: cry, roar, bellow, blare, rebellow; growl, snarl.    [specific animal sounds] bark [dog, seal]; bow-wow, yelp [dog]; bay, ... show more

Roget 930: despise, contemn, scorn, disdain, feel contempt for, view with a scornful eye; disregard, slight, not mind; pass by etc. (neglect) 460.    look down upon; ... show more

Roget 929: hold in disrespect etc. (despise) 930; misprize, disregard, slight, trifle with, set at naught, pass by, push aside, overlook, turn one's back upon, laugh in one's sleeve; ... show more

Roget 932: disapprove; dislike etc. 867; lament etc. 839; object to, take exception to; be scandalized at, think ill of; view with disfavor, view with dark eyes, view with jaundiced eyes; ... show more

Roget 411: cry, roar, shout, bawl, brawl, halloo, halloa, hoop, whoop, yell, bellow, howl, scream, screech, ... show more

2 hoot

Utter the characteristic sound of owls.

Moby thesaurus: Bronx, Bronx cheer, a continental, a curse, a damn, a darn, a hoot, bagatelle, bark, battle cry, bauble, bawl, bean, bellow, bibelot, bird, bit, boo, booing, brass farthing ... show more.

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