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Roget category 194

2. Words relating to space
2.2. Dimensions
›› 2.2.1. General dimensions

#194. Expansion


expansionincrease of size etc. 35enlargement, extension, augmentationamplification, ampliationaggrandizement, spread, increment, growth, development, pullulation, swell, dilation, rarefactionturgescence, turgidness, turgiditydispansionobesity etc. (size) 192hydrocephalus, hydrophthalmus [Med.]dropsy, tumefaction, intumescence, swelling, tumor, diastole, distensionpuffing, puffinessinflationpandiculation.
dilatability, expansibility.
germination, growth, upgrowthaccretion etc. 35budding, gemmation.
overgrowth, overdistension hypertrophy, tympany.
bulb etc. (convexity) 250plumpersuperiority of size.
[expansion of the universe] big bangHubble constant.


become larger etc. (large) etc. 192expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gatherfill outdeploy, take open order, dilate, stretch, distend, spreadmantle, waxgrow up, spring upbud, bourgeon [Fr.], shoot, sprout, germinate, put forth, vegetate, pullulate, open, burst forthgain flesh, gather fleshoutgrowspread like wildfire, overrun.
be larger thansurpass etc. (be superior) 33.
render larger etc. (large) etc. 192expand, spread, extend, aggrandize, distend, develop, amplify, spread out, widen, magnify, rarefy, inflate, puff, blow up, stuff, pad, cramexaggeratefatten.


expanded, etc. v. — larger, etc. (large) etc. 192swollenexpansivewide open, wide spreadflabelliformovergrown, exaggerated, bloated, fat, turgid, tumid, hypertrophied, dropsicalpot bellied, swag belliededematous, oedematous, obese, puffy, pursy, blowzy, bigswoln, distendedpatulousbulbous etc. (convex) 250full blown, full grown, full formedbig etc. 192abdominous, enchymatous, rhipidatetumefacient, tumefying.

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