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fly off the handle


1 fly off the handle

Get very angry and fly into a rage.

synonyms: blow a fuse, blow one's stack, blow up, combust, flip one's lid, flip one's wig, go ballistic, have a fit, have kittens, hit the ceiling ... show more.

Roget 173: be violent etc. adj.; run high; ferment, effervesce; romp, rampage, go on a rampage; run wild, run amuck, run riot; break the peace; rush, ... show more

Roget 825: be impatient etc. adj.; not be able to bear etc. 826; bear ill, wince, chafe, champ a bit; be in a stew etc. n.; be out of all patience, ... show more

Dutch: een toeval krijgen

Moby thesaurus: be angry, be excitable, bellow, blow a fuse, blow a gasket, blow up, catch fire, catch the infection, come apart, excite easily, explode, fire up, flame up, flare up, flash up, flip, fly out, get excited, go into hysterics, have a tantrum ... show more.

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