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Roget category 839

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.1. Passive affections

#839. [Expression of pain.] Lamentation


lament, lamentationwail, complaint, plaint, murmur, mutter, grumble, groan, moan, whine, whimper, sob, sigh, suspiration, heaving, deep sigh.
cry etc. (vociferation) 411scream, howloutcry, wail of woe, ululationfrown, scowl.
tearweeping etc. v. — flood of tears, fit of crying, lacrimation, lachrymation, melting mood, weeping and gnashing of teeth.
plaintiveness etc. adj. — languishmentcondolence etc. 915.
mourning, weeds, willow, cypress, crape, deep mourningsackcloth and asheslachrymatoryknell etc. 363deep death song, dirge, coronach, nenia, requiem, elegy, epicediumthrenemonody, threnodyjeremiad, jeremiadeullalulla.
mournergrumbler etc. (discontent) 832NoobeHeraclitus.


lament, mourn, deplore, grieve, weep overbewail, bemoancondole with etc. 915fret etc. (suffer) 828wear mourning, go into mourning, put on mourningwear the willow, wear sackcloth and ashesinfandum renovare dolorem [Lat.] [Vergil]; etc. (regret) 833 give sorrow words.
sighgive a sigh, heave, fetch a sighwaft a sigh from Indus to the pole" [Pope]; sigh 'like a furnace'" [As you Like It]; wail.
cry, weep, sob, greet, blubber, pipe, snivel, bibber, whimper, pulepipe one's eyedrop tears, shed tears, drop a tear, shed a tearmelt into tears, burst into tearsfondre en larmes [Fr.]cry oneself blind, cry one's eyes outyammer.
scream etc. (cry out) 411mew etc. (animal sounds) 412groan, moan, whineroarroar like a bull, bellow like a bullcry out lustily, rend the air.
frown, scowl, make a wry face, gnash one's teeth, wring one's hands, tear one's hair, beat one's breast, roll on the ground, burst with grief.
complain, murmur, mutter, grumble, growl, clamor, make a fuss about, croak, grunt, maunderdeprecate etc. (disapprove) 932.
cry out before one is hurt, complain without cause.


lamenting etc. v. — in mourning, in sackcloth and ashessorrowing, sorrowful etc. (unhappy) 828mournful, tearfullachrymoseplaintive, plaintfulquerulous, querimoniousin the melting moodthrenetic.
in tears, with tears in one's eyeswith moistened eyes, with watery eyesbathed in tears, dissolved in tearslike Niobe all tears" [Hamlet]. elegiac, epicedial.


de profundis [Lat.]les larmes aux yeux [Fr.].


heigh-ho!, alas!, alack! , O dear!, ah me!, woe is me!, lackadaisy! , well a day!, lack a day!, alack a day! , wellaway! , alas the day!, O tempora O mores! , what a pity!, miserabile dictu! [Lat.], O lud lud! , too true!,


tears standing in the eyes, tears starting from the eyeseyes suffused, eyes swimming, eyes brimming, eyes overflowing with tearsif you have tears prepare to shed them now" [Julius Caesar]; interdum lacrymae pondera vocis habent [Lat.] [Ovid]; strangled his language in his tears" [Henry VIII]; tears such as angels weep" [Paradise Lost].

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