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Roget category 349

3. Words relating to matter
3.2. Inorganic matter
›› 3.2.2. Fluid matter

#349. [Air in motion] Wind


wind, draught, flatus, afflatus, efflation, eluviumairbreath, breath of airpuff, whiff, zephyrblow, breeze, driftaurastream, current, jet streamundercurrent.
gust, blast, squall, gale, half a gale, storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind, tornado, samiel, cyclone, anticyclone, typhoonsimoon, simoomharmattan, monsoon, trade wind, sirocco, mistral, bise, tramontane, levantercapful of windfresh breeze, stiff breezekeen blastblizzard, barber [Can.], candelia, chinook, foehn, khamsin, norther, vendaval, wuther.
windiness etc. adj. — ventosityrough weather, dirty weather, ugly weather, stress of weatherdirty sky, mare's tailthick squall, black squall, white squall.
anemography, aerodynamicswind gauge, weathercock, vane, weather-vane, wind sockanemometer, anemoscope.
sufflation, insufflation, perflation, inflation, afflationblowing, fanning etc. v. — ventilation.
sneezing etc. v. — errhinesternutative, sternutatorysternutationhiccup, hiccoughcatching of the breath.
Eolus, Boreas, Zephyr, cave of Eolus.
air pump, air blower, lungs, bellows, blowpipe, fan, ventilator, punkahbranchiae, gills, flabellum, vertilabrum.
whiffle ball.


blow, waftblow hard, blow great guns, blow a hurricane etc. n. — wutherstream, issue.
respire, breathe, puffwhiff, whifflegasp, wheezesnuff, snufflesniff, snifflesneeze, cough.
fan, ventilateinflate, perflateblow up.


blowing etc. v. — windy, flatulentbreezy, gusty, squallystormy, tempestuous, blusteringboisterous etc. (violent) 173.
pulmonic [Med.], pulmonary.


lull'd by soft zephyrs" [Pope]; the storm is up and all is on the hazard" [Julius Caesar]; the winds were wither'd in the stagnant air" [Byron]; while mocking winds are piping loud" [Milton]; winged with red lightning and tempestuous winged with red lightning and tempestuous rage" [Paradise Lost].

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