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Roget category 919

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.3. Sympathetic affections
›› 6.3.4. Retrospective sympathetic affections

#919. Revenge


revenge, revengementvengeanceavengement, avengeance, sweet revenge, vendetta, death feud, blood for blood retaliation etc. 718day of reckoning.
rancor, vindictiveness, implacabilitymalevolence etc. 907ruthlessness etc. 914.1. avenger, vindicator, Nemesis, Eumenides.


revenge, avengevindicatetake one's revenge, have one's revengebreathe revenge, breathe vengeancewreak one's vengeance, wreak one's anger.
have accounts to settle, have a crow to pluck, have a bone to pick, have a rod in pickle.
keep the wound greenharbor revenge, harbor vindictive feelingbear malicerankle, rankle in the breast.


revengeful, vengefulvindictive, rancorouspitiless etc. 914.1; ruthless, rigorous, avenging.
unforgiving, unrelentinginexorable, stony-hearted, implacablerelentless, remorseless.
aeternum servans sub pectore vulnus [Lat.]ranklingimmitigable.


manet ciratrix [Lat.], manet alid mente repostum [Lat.]dies irae dies illa [Lat.]in high vengeance there is noble scorn" [G. Eliot]; inhumanum verbum est ultio [Lat.] [Seneca]; malevolus animus abditos dentes habet [Syrus]; now infidel I have thee on the hip" [Merchant of Venice].

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